The radiographic testing

The radiography is one of basic method of nondestructive testing of material. This method uses local change of radiation intensity passed through material. The radiography involves exposing a test object to penetrating radiation so that the radiation passes through the object being inspected and a recording medium placed against the opposite side of that object.

This method of radiographic testing is focused especially on searching volume internal defects. Testing can be done with many types of material – metal and non-metal too.

During radiographing are usually used as a source of ionizing radiation RTG lamps or radio-isotopes . As main isotopes are used Iridium 192 Ir, Cobalt 60 Co and Selenium 75 Se.

Metoda prozařovací

Tests resulting

Necessary tool for resulting of radiograph and the main source of light is negatoscope. The radiograph has to fulfill requirements acc. to relevant standards, the one of the main characteristic is having dark area, which is tested by densitometer. Next tools for resulting are magnifying glass, catalog of defects etc.

The radiographic testing

Practical use

The main advantage of isotope radiant is his mobile use. X-ray lamps are heavier than isotope covers and theis use in workshop is almou impossible. At work with isotope is necessary to create closed area with no entrance of other people. The radiant quantity, which is gived off source and safe distance is measured by dosimeter.

The radiographic testing

The radiograph

The radiograph of weld joint with typical weld defect. You can see weld bead with clear defects as „not full penetration“ (sharp dark indication), porosity (dark dots). Then you can see clear marking of radiographic gauge (10FEEN, 13FEEN etc)

The radiographic testing

Use of method

  • check of weld joints in production
  • check of weld joints during operation
  • welders testing
  • check of forgings, castings in whole process of production
  • check of material homogeneity

For interest

Radiogram (slide) of the Iphone 6S, transmitted by X-ray lamp

The radiographic testing

Our options

We can apply X-ray inspection to a wide range of material thicknesses. We have available:

  • 2x 192Ir isotopes in Gammamat covers, for thicknesses of 20-90 mm
  • 1x 140kV X-ray lamp for small thicknesses up to 12 mm
  • 1x 300kV X-ray tube for thicknesses up to 80 mm
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