Liquid penetrant testing

The penetration test (PT) i sone of the most common method of non-destructive testing. IS suitable for searching of superficial defects. Especially PT is used is automotive, aeronautice, petrochemical and power engineering industry. PT method is most common especially in testing of weld joints. This method is easy and finacial profitable. PT method is used for searching superficial defect as cracks, pores, inclusions etc.

The operator can make inspection everywhere acc. to customer requirement thanks to PT transport system independently on any medium as electricity, water etc.

Penetration testing is using penetrant features of liquid. This fluorescent gel, applicated on clean and dry surface, will trapped in those voids will flow back out creating an indication.

When removing the penetrant, the operator must carefully not to remove any penetrant that was flowed into voids. The developer is applied to the surface and given time to allow the penetrant from any voids or fissures creating a visible indication.

Resulting is done acc. to used of type penetrant under the white or ultraviolet light with enough intensity.

Procedure of penetration testing

  • 1) part surface with defect before testing
  • 2) application of penetrant on material surface, penetration time is 20-25 min
  • 3) after penetration time, removing of waste penetrant
  • 4) application of white developer, creating visible indication from voids to developer
Liquid penetrant testing

Example of use

Parts after application of penetrant

Liquid penetrant testing Liquid penetrant testing

Inspection of lattice

Weld crack indicated by PT method

Liquid penetrant testing Liquid penetrant testing

The company WELDINSPECT s.r.o.

is using for PT method first-class chemicals supplied by HELLING, TIEDE or PFINDER

Our PT workers are certified acc. to ČSN EN ISO 9712 at least in 2 level. Inspections are including inspection report, which is acc. to rules EN ISO.